Monday, May 12, 2014

It's Springtime and the Cactus are in Bloom

I know you, my readers, are hoping to see more of Ron's pictures from his trip to Norway.  Well, he is working on them but he has also been very very busy so just be patient--they will appear and they are definitely worth the wait.

And speaking of "Worth the Wait",  we have a new cousin!   Juliana Grace Jerome arrived May 7th at 11:44am. She weighed in at 8lb 11oz and was 20" long.  And she sure is a beauty.  Her parents are Alicia and Mike Jerome and if you have been following long enough you know that Aunt Louise and I attended the parents wedding in October of 2011 (I posted the occasion on October 5th, 2011).  Juliana's grandparents are Denise & Dwight Brown, (my cousins that  live in San Antonio) and her great grandparents are Cile and Merrill Harper (my aunt and uncle).  

Spring has been just lovely here in Tucson, and now the cactus are in bloom.

It is amazing to see the most nondescript
 of cactus, overnight, produce the loveliest display of brilliant blooms.

No potential house buyers have materialized and I just read an article in a Phoenix publication that  the housing market in Arizona has slumped again and it looks like it will stay stagnant for a while.

My entertainment lately is to catch up on a lot of missed TV programs--via the Internet.  One of those is the HBO series "TREME".  So far I have only seen the first episode but it brought back an intense wave of nostalgia (the wonderful music) and a deep sadness (the program begins only a few days following Katrina). As yet I have not formed an opinion on the show but there is a stark reality to what I have seen so far.   I was in New Orleans only a few months after the flood and saw first hand much of the damage that was--and is--still there.  

Now let me suggest a blog that was recommended by my cousin Jamie.  It will open a few windows into the life and struggles in that part of the country. 

It is by and about Captain Wendy Billiot who owns and operates a charter fishing boat on Bayou Dularge in Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana.  

And finally, from another woman that inspires me.....

"I never lose sight of the fact that just being is fun,"  
Katharine Hepburn, actress


  1. Aloha, Toni- just wanted to say hello, since I've been enjoying your blog recently. Your son's Norway photos were a treat. I really enjoyed Treme, due to a near-lifelong obsession with New Orleans. One fine day, I'll finally get there. I do know what you mean about the painful realities exposed in the series, though. What has gone on there post-Katrina is heartbreaking. A national disgrace!

    1. Thank you so much for the comment, Annie. And welcome to the blog. I do hope you get to New Orleans one day, it is the most unique of all our cities and more like the Caribbean than the US. Of course I am a bit partial to it.