Monday, April 28, 2014

Sigh Me's Meditations and My Musings

 Toni says:  The very best website on the Internet has to be "".  I keep mentioning the site to friends and family only to discover many do not know what it is.  From my viewpoint it is what the Internet does best--it connects people who share similar passions.  

(Sigh Me Says:  Just when I find a nice comfy spot with the bright light warming the carpet, the light moves!   I don't understand why, but when I wake up and find the light gone I just yowl. Then Mama gives me a treat to make me be quiet:)

Toni says:  If you venture into the meetup website and enter your city or zip code you will discover a list of all the gatherings in your area --poetry readings, mountain climbing, exercise classes, dominoes, book clubs, Wiccan festivals, free thought discussion groups, and on, and on, and on. Tucson has more than 350 meetups each month.  And if you don't find what you are looking for--Pez collectors, professional clowns, ferret rescuers, etc--then you can start your own meet up. I bet you will find at least a dozen others that share your interest in macaroni jewelry making. 

(Sigh Me Says:  Sometimes in the afternoon there is too much light coming through the window so I have to cover my eyes.  I can sleep like that for hours--until Mama comes over and touches me to see if I am still alive.)

Toni Says:  While traveling to new cities I have used Meetup to connect with people through playing Scrabble or Bridge, or by visiting an interesting discussion group.  Last week here in Tucson I ventured into two new groups.

(Sigh Me Says:  Afternoon naps are the best.)

Toni Says:  The first meet up was Photography.  I had hopes of getting some pointers on taking pictures;  I am such a novice but I would like to learn more.  There were about 40 to 50 people there, mostly professional photographers, all happily showing off their beautifully engineered, super elaborate equipment.  But I was the only one with a tiny, bright red Canon (On sale for $89 at Best Buy) that is decorated with a Disney Princess sticker, put there by little Amara Jo Som last spring when I was in northern California.  When I introduced myself and held up my colorful camera the response was a bit subdued.  Anyway, I suspect I will keep on looking for a 'Photography Meetup for Rank Beginners.'

(Sigh Me Says:  Naps on Mama's belly are not bad.  She's softer than the floor, but she keeps poking me in the head with her book or bouncing me onto the floor when she wants to get another ice tea.)

Toni Says:  My second meetup last week was called, "Life in the Third Trimester" and open to anyone over 60 years of age who's looking for adventure--right up my alley. The topic was "Becoming Creative" and the dozen or so people there were enthusiastic and already creative enough to inspire me.  There was another 'blogger' present and she let me in on another meetup that I will be attending tomorrow.

(Sigh Me Says,  "Mama, will you please get up and get me a treat?  I am sooooo hungry."
Mama says, "Your feet are poking me in my stomach, Ouch!)

Toni Says:  Tomorrow's Meetup will be "The Tucson Bloggers"!  I was so excited to learn there are over 200 bloggers in this city.  How amazing.  I expect to get a great many good ideas from this group and also to become inspired to venture further afield with my blog.

(Sigh Me Says: I know how to open cabinet doors so I like to play the game--"find a new place to nap."  It's always funny when Mama can't find me.)

Stay tuned, if tomorrow's meetup is as good as I anticipate then changes may occur on this blog...or not. 

(Sigh Me Says:  Ohh, it's been such a long hard day. Time for my beauty sleep.)

Toni Says: Nothing new on the house so I am still here--but I am determined to have fun while I wait.


  1. Sign Me looks so healthy and content. :-)

  2. She is almost back to her old self. At her worst her weight dropped to less than 5 lbs but she has been eating, non-stop, for several weeks now. She has gained much of her weight back but her skin still feels like a loose sweater on her. Anyway, I am amazed and thrilled at her recovery.

  3. I'm so glad Sigh Me has made such a good recovery. And I'm going to look into I can see that it could be handy.

  4. Oh, and I think you are an excellent photographer. In fact, I changed my pic on my blog to the one you took of me.

    1. I liked that pic, too. Thank you and You're welcome.

  5. BTW: The remark I made about "like minded people" on my blog does not refer to you or your blog but to a rather grumpy blogger who gets angry if you don't see everything her way. has several groups on the Big Island. It's a great idea.

    1. Whew! That's a relief.
      The Blogger meetup this evening was interesting but way too much information that will take me days to absorb and evaluate. It did give me some ideas on new avenues to take--if I want to put in that much effort.

  6. Yes, I was in a grumpy mood but am my sweet self again today. Well, "sweetish."
    Haven't called Mary today but will tomorrow.

  7. That cat is so pretty. She's just wonderful.

  8. How interesting, two women who walk with me at lunch each day were just talking about I guess there is a terrible si-fi movie night, hiking group, gamers and other groups that sounded interesting. Some people end up doing home bar b q's and renting limo's for the wine tours.They like the idea of meeting people without the pressure of dating.