Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A day trip with Sharleen

Wow!  I am finally back on line with the computer but weeks behind with my postings.  Thank you, one and all, for hanging with me and not giving up.  Presently, I am lost somewhere in the redwoods of northern California but I am getting some great pictures of BigFoot--so stay tuned.

Back in Monterey--Before leaving the area my friend, Sharleen, and I took a fun side trip to the Santa Cruz area for lunch and some lazy wandering.

First stop was to the Correlitas Market where they produce some of the best sausages I have ever sunk my teeth into.
This smoky shrine sits far out on a country road, surrounded by miles of apple orchards and strawberry fields.  A testament to this little market's sausage genius was evident in all the cars filling the parking spaces in front,  and in all the awards hanging on the walls of the store.  I was determined to pay my homage and fill my tiny freezer with as many of Correlitas' smoky sausage as it would hold.

We added two smoked sausage sandwiches to the order....

Then dashed outside to devour them in no short order.  Sorry, Sharleen.

Further down this country road we found a place that has been there for years and years..

'Roses of Yesterday and Tomorrow'

No one was around.  We found only little walking trails lined with jasmine bushes,

lots of daffodils....

 And pots and pots of roses... this note tacked to the fence.  I wished only that the owner had been around so I could find out how well it worked for him.  I suppose it does work okay--otherwise he would have gone out of business years ago.    

We drove on over to the coast and explored some of the beach towns--Capitola,  Aptos,  Santa Cruz....

  Found a farmer's market and I got a dozen avocados for a dollar!  Artichokes and oranges were almost as cheap....
   and the views were exemplary.  
I particularly like the way the residents paint their little beach houses.  

All in all it was a very good day.

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  1. Loved, absolutely loved seeing Roger. I can hear him bid 6 spades with 12 points and make it. I need the name of the rose grower. I am looking for a fushia rose called Voluptous. Keep looking please. Miss you, Suzie