Friday, August 17, 2012

Toni and Sigh Me say 'Goodbye' to Emily

It is a very sad day today for pet lovers who have been following Glenn and his wonderful 'Navigator', Emily on their journeys.  If you look to the right of this posting and click on the blog, "To Simplify" you will find the wonderful adventures of Glenn and Emily and, you too can see why this very sad day brings a lump to my throat.

My good pal, Sigh Me, has been my companion and friend, and sometimes adversary, throughout this trip.  The thought of not having her with me as I travel is impossible to imagine.  I admit, she chews up my maps, sharpens her claws on the back of the passenger seat, wakes me for food at 5 am, and leaves cat fur on every piece of black or navy clothing I own, but....She curls up next to me and purrs when I lie down to sleep, she keeps my feet warm in winter, she follows me like a puppy wherever I go, and she looks at me lovingly with those Bette Davis eyes whenever I scratch her ears.  It's called 'unconditional love' and we are so blessed when our pets give it freely.
Glenn, I am so very sorry for your loss.  I know there will be a huge empty space in that Chinook for a long time to come.   And I know, from experience, that occasionally you will catch a glimpse of Emily  out of the corner of your eye, and feel the grief again when you realize she isn't there.  But she loved and was loved--by many many people.  We will miss her.

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  1. Hi Toni,
    I went on Glenn's blog yesterday after talking to you and saw the blog about Emily. It was very sad.