Saturday, May 12, 2012

"Underground Railroad"

Roanoke produced a second colony established 270 years later.  When the Civil War started,  the Union army quickly captured the Outer Banks and Roanoke Island because of the very strategic location.
As a result Roanoke became a 'Freed Man' colony. If a slave could make it to Roanoke he would be granted his freedom, so before long the island became a major part of the underground railroad.

It is now 150 years from the war and I am seeing constant reminders of it as I travel through the south.  There are re-inactments happening in every little town and countryside.  Historical markers pop up every mile or so proclaiming an important battle or a decisive move, or retreat, of troops.

As I stood here I realized that emancipation was getting closer and freedom meant risking everything...

but there was only this last little bit left to swim.  It is strange that it is the very same piece of land that the colonists had tried to settle.  What was failure for one meant freedom for another.

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